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AsposeQuickStart sample helps you learn the use of Aspose components for .NET quickly. This is a small application with some basic functionality. We'll keep adding new features. You can always get a latest copy of the sample project and try at your end.

In this sample, we have used Aspose.Total for .NET. This product suite contains the components to process various file formats in your .NET applications. These components are regular .NET assemblies which can be used with any type of .NET application: Web, Windows, Services, Cloud (Azure), Sharepoint development). These components are purely based on managed code, so you can use them on 32-bit and 64-bit systems seamlessly. These components do not require any other software like, Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat etc., to process the documents.

The features include:
  • Creating new documents from scratch (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Barcode, and Project Files)
  • Saving documents to database (Aspose components save documents as MemoryStream, which can be saved to database)
  • Loading documents from database (The byte array is loaded back from the database. This feature can help in document archival purposes)
  • Loading existing documents (Retrieved documents are loaded into Aspose components. This also helps you understand how to load existing documents from your disk)
  • Processing loaded documents
  • Recognizing barcode text from the barcode images
  • Saving documents to disk

You can find the details regarding project setup and system requirements in the documentation of this project.

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